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Mosquito netting

Anti-Insect Sliding Nets

No access for insects here!

Large doors for balconies, terraces or conservatories are a real treat in the summer. The space is wide open, they welcome fresh air and sunlight into the house. Unfortunately, this also allows insects unhindered access; especially in the evening when indoor lighting attracts troublemakers. Fortunately, there is a solution: sliding screen doors from Neher, the market leader in custom insect screen solutions in Germany.

System: Slide blade  Anti-insect  

System: ST3/50 ( 2-rail slide)

Width: 1000 ~ 4600mm
Height: 800~3000mm

System: ST3/80 ( 3-rail slide)

Width: 2000 ~ 5600mm

Height: 800~3000mm

Technical table ST3/50:

Technical table ST3/80:

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