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Manufacturing  Complex

We have 3 production lines:
  1. Produced by LiSEC, BOTTERO

  2. Plastic production by Elumatec and Urban

  3. Aluminum production from Schüco

Aluminum production from Schüco

In manufacturing aluminum window and door systems, Gattner VIETNAM clearly buys raw materials from 1 supplier:

Schüco Germany: one of the market leaders in innovative building envelopes develops and sells system solutions for windows, doors and facades

The aluminum profiles are cut to the appropriate size using a saw (PDG e-Cut 600l) from Schüco. Perfectly cut profiles now run through Schüco's AF300 machining center, where all holes required for further finishing (such as joint inserts, ...) are ground. After processing in the AF300, profiles are joined, glued and pressed using corner joints and a special 2-component adhesive. As soon as the glue dries, our workers install the hardware, as well as locks, door handles and other hardware components. Finally, parallel manufactured double insulated glass is used. Now all that remains is professional shipping and assembly.

Glass production by LiSEC

We use LiSEC machine for glass production line. Glass is cut to the required size on the BOTTERO glass cutting table. These glasses are then passed through the LiSEC production line, where they are washed and laminated into insulating glass. We import the glasses we use from Germany from Arcon and Arnold Glas, which are of high quality. Arcon glass has a thermal protective coating (N34), i.e. that the base glass is vaporized (coated) in a special magnet process. This glass coating is composed of various metallic substances that greatly reduce heat/cold transfer. Therefore, the use of this glass will be ideal for the weather conditions in Vietnam. In our range we offer different glass coatings, such as different types of sun glasses.
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