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develops, manufactures and markets detailed interior decoration in the form of hardware systems made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and brass for doors and windows.

The company has been a market leader in its segment throughout Europe since the mid-1970s. It considers itself a worldwide competence leader. In addition to market share, this is also supported by a comprehensive product line, innovative strength, optimal benefit/price ratio and technological leadership in the aluminum sector.

Founded in 1952 by Friedrich Hoppe, today HOPPE is a globally active group of companies headquartered in Switzerland.

Long-term "generational thinking" also enables the practice of corporate management based on values such as trust, responsibility, understanding, credibility, honesty, loyalty, integrity and decency. On this basis, ant​​ The formula “Who asks for performance, must provide meaning” may exist.

The aim is to create an honest, healthy and innovative work atmosphere in which productive performance leads to exciting success.

The quality of the encounter is not just an empty phrase, it is lived (before).

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