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Mosquito netting

Folding Sliding Curtains

Space saving, easy and safe

The pleated insect screen is reminiscent of pleated sunshades with its unusual appearance. It does not require a swing range and can be used to save space. Pleated blinds are weather resistant, easy to use and have no thresholds. Its name comes from the way the fabric is pleated (folded). Our PL2 pleated blinds can be fabricated up to 3×3 meters with one leaf. Thanks to the patent-pending tissue owner, who was awarded the 2021 R+T Innovation Award, and other clever design ideas.

System: Slide blade  Anti-insect  

System: PL 2/5 (1 wing)

Width: 700~3000mm
Height: 1200 ~ 3000mm

System: PL 2/25 (2 wings)

Width: 1200 ~ 5000mm

Height: 1600 ~ 4000mm

Technical table PL 2/5:

Technical table PL 2/25:

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