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ScreenLine® – System S ( mechanical with sliding magnet)

ScreenLine® SL20S is a patented magnet system with manual operation

and lifting/lowering and flip functions for insulated glass blinds with a distance between panels of 20mm.

The curtain SL20S is moved using a magnetic handle on the right or left edge of the panel.

Linear movement of the handle is ensured by a thin transparent adhesive tape. Curtains are raised and lowered by sliding the handles up and down, while the slats are rotated by a slight lifting or lowering motion.



System: Motorized window blinds 

Function: raise / lower / rotate

Width: 200 ~ 1500mm
Height: 600 ~ 2200mm

            300 mm (rotary only)

Maximum area: 2 m² (lift / lower / rotate)

                 -2.01 m² - 3.3 m² (rotary only)

Width-height Ratio Curtain SL 20 22MB

300 - 350 mm wide = up to 1400 mm high*

width 351 - 550 mm = height up to 2500 mm*

width 551 - 1500 mm = height up to 2200 mm

*from a height of 2200 mm (rotating only)

Technical sheet SL20S:

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